Nuova release dei driver video Radeon, versione 20.8.2, con un interessante changelog e molti bug fixes.
Aggiunto il supporto a Total War Saga™: Troy (12% di performance migliori da 20.8.1 su RX 5700 XT), Microsoft Flight Simulator™, Mortal Shell™, Marvel’s Avengers™ Open Beta.

Le correzioni più interessanti:

  • Reports of intermittent system hangs while exiting system sleep on some AMD Ryzen™ 3000 Series Mobile Processors with Radeon™ Graphics. 
  • Pressing a key while Radeon Overlay is open, or exiting Radeon Overlay while playing Hyper Scape™, may cause the players actions to freeze or fail to recognize input from the user.
  • Upgrade Advisor may show an “Unable to get requirements” error message when opened on Windows® 7 system configurations.

Il changelog completo e download QUI

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