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Alphacool Eiskoffer Basic – bending kit

Alphacool Eiskoffer Basic – bending kit


Alphacool Eiskoffer Basic – bending kit – bending kit per Taglio e Piegatura Tubi Rigidi Alphacool 10/13 e 13/16mm



There has been a huge increase in fans of water cooling and a lot rely on HardTubes for aesthetic and practical reasons. It is important that the tubes are bent with precision to fit the loop perfectly. To achieve this, the Alphacool Eiskoffer Basic contains several tools to bend the HardTubes optimally. Only a hot air gun and a saw are needed to cut the HardTubes to the desired length. Using the Eiskoffer Basic will ensure that you can create perfect bends like a professional. It also takes the guess work away from the build, meaning the assembly of the water cooling will be much easier.

The EIskoffer Basic contains two circular mandrels of different sizes and two multi-angle mandrels. This makes it easy to make all desired angles. All mandrels are designed for HardTubes with an outer diameter of 12, 13 or 16 mm. Two fitting stops are included so that the correct length can be measured immediately during bending. These simulate the depth of the Eiszapfen fittings. Two further mandrels with pin stop can be used in a variety of ways. Either as a support create multiple bending radii simultaneously, or as an end stop point.

All mandrels and stops can be screwed onto any wooden board. The matching wood screws are included in the set. Two 80 cm long bending inserts for HardTubes with 10 and 13 mm inner diameter are included. This prevents the HardTubes from kinking whilst bending. Of course, such a set should not be without a deburring tool. This is important to round of the edges of the HardTubes after you have cut them. This ensures that the tube will push into the fitting easily and makes sure that you won’t damage the o-rings in the fitting when you push it in. The functions of all included tools are described in detail in the enclosed manual.

The entire tool set comes in a sturdy flight case with thick foam to ensure that all the tools are kept safe and complete. This means that the tools can always be neatly packed back at the end of the work and the case can be neatly stowed in the desired place.

The Eiskoffer Basic is the perfect companion for bending HardTube and will allow you to bend like a professional in no time!

Technical Details

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 440 x 300 x 97mm
  • Material mandrels: Nylon
  • Compatible tube sizes: 13 and 16mm inner diameter


Scope of Delivery

  • 1x Alphacool Eiskoffer Basic – bending kit

Informazioni aggiuntive

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