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Aquacomputer Dr. Delid tool per Skylake e Kaby Lake

Aquacomputer Dr. Delid tool per Skylake e Kaby Lake


Aquacomputer Dr. Delid tool for Intel Kaby Lake-S, Skylake-S and Coffee Lake-S.

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Informazioni prodotto
Attenzione: articolo riservato ad utenti esperti e professionisti.
Tool for heat spreader removal and reinstallation for Intel Kaby Lake-S, Skylake-S and Coffee Lake-S processors.

Dr. Delid can be used for delidding of Kaby Lake-S, Skylake-S und Coffee Lake-S processors as well as precise reinstallation of the heat spreader after exchange of the thermal interface material (thermally conductive paste). During heat spreader removal, the heat spreader is rotated against the CPU base. This prevents damage of the thin PCB of the processor as the force is distributed to all four sides of the CPU – opposed to only one side when using tools with a sliding mechanism. The heat spreader is removed without jolt or excessive force.

Heat spreader removal process
Aqua Computer’s no. 1 priority: Prevention of CPU damage
1. The processor is inserted into an exact, CNC machined recess in the acetal base. The relatively soft acetal material prevents damage to the CPU by excessive punctual pressure or scratching.
2. Before the actual removal process, the CPU is locked in place. The tool can be handled without risk of the CPU dropping from the tool.
3. The removal process is facilitated by rotating the hexagon socket screw by hand using the supplied wrench. A mechanical stop limits the rotation of the heat spreader in the tool.
4. During the removal process, the heat spreader is secured in the tool. It can not hit the CPU die by accident.
5. After removal of the heat spreader, an aperture in the tool allows to lift the CPU from the tool without touching the gold contacts.

Reinstallation of the heat spreader
After cleaning the CPU and application of new thermal grease, insert the CPU into the tool again. Dr. Delid can be used for precise installation of the heat spreader:
1. A stainless steel frame for heat spreader alignment is inserted into a recess in the tool. The heat spreader can now be inserted into the frame, resulting in perfect alignment to the CPU. The heat spreader can be installed with glue (for instance silicone or polyurethane).
2. A stainless steel bracket supplied with the tool can be used to apply slight pressure to the center of the heat spreader, until the glue is cured. A knurled screw made from polyamide prevents damage to the heat spreader.

Scope of delivery:
Tool with stainless steel inserts
Hexagon socket wrench

Please note: CPU is not included in delivery! Tool is not compatible to CPUs of the Kaby Lake-X, Skylake-X, Skylake-W und Skylake-SP series.

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