Aquacomputer Pompa Aquastream – Ultimate Version


Aquacomputer Pompa Aquastream – Ultimate Version

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La Aquastream ULTIMATE è l’ultimo aggiornamento della nota pompa Aquastream, basata sull’affidabilissimo design della Eheim 1046.Questa versione integra un fan controller, un sensore di temperatura, uno schermo OLED e controlli manuali. Altre caratteristiche esenziali sono l’elevatissima efficienza e l’estrema silenziosità.

Nota: Per il montaggio dei normali raccordi da G1/4″ è necessario comprare due appositi adattatori venduti separatamente (articoli 52001 e 52003)

Key features
– Intelligent pump controller for reduced vibrations and operating noise
– High resolution OLED display and built-in buttons for direct operation without a PC
– Integrated water temperature sensor
– Steplessly adjustable 12 W fan output for analog 3-pin fans or 4-pin PWM fans
– Automatic control of fan output and pump speed with individually adjustable behavior
– aquasuite software for a comfortable setup, evaluation and visualization of all sensor data
– aquabus interface for communication with Aqua Computer devices. When connected to an aquaero, the fan output of the pump can be controlled from the aquaero
– Connector for external temperature sensor
– Connector for external flow sensor
– Alarm output to protect the PC in case of a failure
– Integrated buzzer for acoustic alarm
– USB 2.0 interface
– Firmware update via USB
– 12 V power supply via SATA power connector

Version history
Since its introduction in 2003, the name aquastream stands for reliable and durable pump technology – made in Germany. The next big step in development was the introduction of the aquastream XT series in 2007, which includes an USB interface and an integrated fan controller with water temperature sensor in the Ultra variant, defying the traditional definition of a pump. The introduction of the aquastream ULTIMATE marks the next evolutionary step, including a newly developed pump controller and an integrated graphic display.

Proven mechanics
The pump mechanics continue to rely on the time-tested Eheim technology, the bearing made from high performance ceramics has a life expectancy of more than 10 years of continuous operation. To reduce vibration, the ceramic bearing itself is installed in rubber decouplers.

Enhanced electronics
The core component of the aquastream ULTIMATE controller is a 32-bit DSP microprocessor featuring an USB 2.0 interface. Based on motor parameters monitored 20,000 times a second, pump motor drive is contionuously optimized to reduce vibrations and to achieve a nearly noiseless operation. A fan contoller with speed monitoring is included in the pump controller, as well as water temperature sensor, alarm buzzer and alarm output. Additionally, an external temperature sensor and an external flow sensor can be processed by the pump controller.
Nearly every function of the pump can be configured and monitored directly at the unit by using the well structured menu on the 128×64 pixels OLED display.
If the pump controller is connected to the PC via USB interface, the pump can also be configured and monitored using the free of charge aquasuite software, which can also be used to perform firmware updates of the pump controller.

Integrated controller options
The following controller options are invariably available in any aquastream ULTIMATE:
Pump speed: Manual speed setting
Pump speed: Automatic mode for maximum pump speed
Pump speed: Optional pump speed control via aquabus (requires aquaero 5/6 connected to pump controller)
Fan speed: Manual speed setting
Fan speed: Temperature controlled with set point controller
Fan speed: Optional fan speed control via aquabus (requires aquaero 5/6 connected to pump controller)

Advanced controller package
The advanced controller package can be activated (subject to additional costs) at any time. The feature is temporarily activated during the first 48 hours of operation after purchase of the pump for testing purposes (trial period). The following features are included in the advanced controller package:
Software sensors: Up to two temperature values can be transmitted to the pump controller via USB from the aquasuite software or alternatively via aquabus from a connected aquaero 5/6.
Pump speed: Temperature controlled with curve controller
Pump speed: Temperature controlled with two point controller
Pump speed: Flow rate controlled with set point controller (additionally requires flow sensor connected to pump controller or software extension virtual flow sensor)
Fan speed: Temperature controlled with curve controller
Fan speed: Temperature controlled with two point controller

Software extension virtual flow sensor
The virtual flow sensor extension can be activated (subject to additional costs) at any time. The feature is temporarily activated during the first 48 hours of operation after purchase of the pump for testing purposes (trial period).
When activated, the pump controller continuously calculates the current flow rate from internally monitored pump parameters. Although this calculated flow rate is not as accurate as a mechanical flow sensor, it is more than sufficient for flow monitoring in a PC water cooling system.
Limitations: Flow rate can not be calculated if a second pump is present in the cooling circuit! Flow rate calculation is calibrated for DP Ultra viscosity and will deviate when using other coolants or pure water!

Dettagli tecnici
Dimensioni senza cavi e raccordi: circa 118 x 75 x 72 mm (L x W x H)
Tensione in ingresso: 12 V DC
Consumo di potenza elettrica: 3 – 25 W
Corrente massima alimentazione ventole: 1 A a regime, 1.5 A di picco
Pressione massima pompa: 445 mbar
Temperatura liquido: 0 – 50 °C
Liquidi ammessi: Acqua distillata o Aquacomputer DP Ultra. Non utilizzare soluzioni contenenti più del 30 % di glicoli
Display: OLED bianco, 128 x 64 pixels

Contenuto spedizione:
1 x Aquastream ULTRA
1 x cavo USB interno
1 x cavo aquabus/speed signal 3-pin
1 x bridge ATX per l’avvio dell’alimentatore senza connessione al PC

Notes on the aquasuite software:
When you activate this product you will receive the current version of the aquasuite software including an upgrade service for at least eighteen (18) months. After the expiration of the upgrade service you may use and reinstall the latest version available during the upgrade period without a time limit.
The update service can optionally be extended or renewed at any time for a fee.
Please note that an internet connection is required for the installation and activation of the aquasuite software.
Further information about the update service and the activation of the aquasuite software can be found

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