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EK-FC RTX 2080/2080 Ti Backplate Classic – Black

EK-FC RTX 2080/2080 Ti Backplate Classic – Black


EK-FC RTX 2080/2080Ti Backplate Classic – Black


Back plate posteriore in allumino anodizzato per waterblock EK-FC RTX 2080/2080Ti Classic.

Questo articolo funziona unicamente se combinato con Waterblock della serie EK-FC RTX 2080/2080Ti Classic e montato su schede video Nvidia 2080 e 2080Ti Founder Edition/Reference

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EK-FC RTX 2080 +Ti Backplate Classic – Black is a CNC machined retention backplate made from black anodized aluminum for EK-FC RTX 2080 +Ti Classic RGB – Nickel + Plexi water blocks.

Backplate covers the whole length of graphics cards PCB, serves as an aesthetic add-on and also provides passive cooling for the backside of the voltage regulation module (VRM).

This backplate is guaranteed to be compatible only with reference design GeForce RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 TI graphics cards.

– EK-FC2080 RTX (Ti) Classic Backplate – Black

Developed in Europe.


  • The backplate does not serve as a standalone unit and is compatible with EK-FC RTX 2080 +Ti Classic RGB – Nickel + Plexi water block!
  • Check your toolbox if you are missing this special Hex adapter for some of the screws.
  • Backplate screws can be found in the special compartment inside the box.

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